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Our Story

From illusion to Reality

In the world of sophisticated attacks that causes businesses to loose more than $400 billion every year globally could be dealt with existing signature-based protection platforms. Fortunately, a growing adaptation of Machine learning and curated threat intelligence have been successful in making AV/NGAV a slightly better prevention however, this fails to detect on-going data breaches and ransomware attacks that uses file-less attack tactics. On the other hand, security vendors claiming to pull endpoint kernel-level activities to detect file-less attacks are failing to maintain system stability. We were confident that there has to be a better way to detect the advance threats involved in data breaches without disturbing the business applications. We designed the most powerful and lightweight endpoint sensor integrated with machine-learning based Endpoint Detection & Response(EDR) platform which we named Peerlox, gives a unique ability to detect unknown threats & adversaries activities before it’s a breach while running in user-space that would not interfere with on-going business applications.

Its now our responsibility to take every emerging threat tactics seriously and developing a better model to stop them before damage.

Our Team


Rajneesh Gupta Co-Founder & CEO

Vinay Pandey Co-Founder & CTO

Ankita Sharma VP Marketing


Nilesh Sheikh Head of Data Science

Pratik Shrivastav Head of Threat Research Unit

Sagar Gupta Head of Research Peerlox BRI

Siddhant PathaK Head of Product Peerlox BRI

Venkat Suvarna Data Scientist


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